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Enabling you to get close to your customers and build sucessful brands

Ask Joe Public is a qualitative market research insights agency that was born in the spring of 2006 and our name captures the essence of what we are about – consumer behaviour. 

Ultimately it is people or customers that hold the key to your success, and we see ourselves as the bridge that brings you closer to your end-consumer by putting them front, middle, and centre of what you do.


I want to say a massive thank you to Julia for all the hard work and hours of dedication she put into the research groups. It makes it all the more amazing given the difficult conditions brought about by Covid, lockdown and having to run all the groups and debriefs, via Zoom.  Julia did a fantastic job; it was a seamless process and her clear findings and directions helped guide the team to make such great ads. 


People feel more connected with brands that understand them, their values and lifestyle and, in essence, ones that create emotional 'sparks'.  

We work with you to remove the question marks and to discover the nuggets of insights that enable you to finetune your offer to build better brands, strategies, and communications for the future. 

Our customer-centric approach is employed across the brand touchpoints to understand behaviour, what triggers the emotional connections but also pain-points - enabling you to create better brand experiences, clearer communication, relevant innovation and develop strategies for growth.




Brand Communication


& Product innovation

Customer experience

Retail Research


We identify what brands mean to people and marry insights with considered thinking to guide and shape brands to deliver consistent and coherent narrative and direction.

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We explore how people connect with brands through advertising, print, social media pack design and instore communications to deliver messages that are authentic, clear, and relevant to its audience.


Innovation is fundamental to every brand and whether it is developing a new brand, a new variant, or service proposition we help you identify good ideas and provide guidance to make them great ideas to drive business success.  

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We get into people's mindsets to make sense of how they interact with brands instore, at home and online, today to deliver better experiences tomorrow.  Whether it is delving into the world of the customer purchasing journey, or how they use or store a product, we can investigate what delights them and what challenges you face.


We accompany customers as they shop in physical and online environments to see the shopping experiences through their eyes and uncover what they do and how they perceive it, whether its navigating store or category layouts, or optimising service offering, communication or product ranges.  

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