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Why Ask Joe Public?


Working with Ask Joe Public means that you always work with senior level researchers with at least 20 years’ experience.  

We see value in working collaboratively in partnership with our clients to allows for greater agility in our timelines and how we evolve project ideas and thinking.  

And we are often more competitively priced than many of the large agencies

Julia Whitehead

Founder of Ask Joe Public

Hello, I am Julia Whitehead, and I am the founder of Ask Joe Public market research and consultancy and am a safe pair of hands. 


I have worked as a qualitative market researcher for over 25 years and that is because I have a passion for listening to people’s stories, watching how they behave and solving brands problems. 


I am a strategic thinker with strong commercial acumen.

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Prior to Ask Joe Public I worked for several qualitative research agencies and I was the qualitative lead at Superdrug, which provided me with a great knowledge of retail and the Health and Beauty sector.  

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with most the leading supermarkets, numerous retailers, technology, food & drink brands, as well financial institutes, trade unions, charities, advertising, marketing  and PR agencies.

I have listened to people talk about anything from porridge to platinum, festival to fridges and cleaning to credit cards.  

I have rummaged through people's cupboards, gone shopping with them, sat in pubs with them, discussed how their clothes or lingerie make them feel and observed them doing anything from them painting walls or eating dinner to open packaging and watching TV commercials.

I work independently but have the capacity to involve other senior-level qualitative or quantitative researchers to accommodate different approaches and the need for larger teams.   

I gained a BSc in Psychology from Goldsmiths College, London University, and I a full member of the Market Research Society and ICG.  Prior to my career in market research, I was a crisis counsellor for a charity.