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Immerse Yourself in Consumers' Worlds

Bespoke and Relevant Qualitative Research Approaches 

Anyone can ask questions - right?

Asking relevant questions and generating an authentic dialogue with consumers is an art that enables you to uncover people's truth.  But it doesn't stop there, great research is delving that little bit deeper and interpreting what people say and do to build a trustworthy narrative for your brand.

Psychologist Session

Research Approaches

We offer a range of face-2-face and online methodologies to enable you to engage with your audience and best address your objectives, timings, and budget.


Our clients are individuals, and we believe that their projects should be treated the same. All projects and outputs are designed to fit your specific needs and provide the best solution for you and your team.  


Focus Groups

Focus groups or group discussions consist of 4-8 participants and are the most popular way to engage with consumers, especially when feedback on ideas or products is required.


They enable participants to bounce off each other as well as potentially work individually or in smaller collaborative groups.  


Depth Interviews

Depth interviews are most often individual interviews [IDIs], but can be paired with someone else, such as a friend or family member.  

They are generally used when more detailed behaviour is needed or when exploring more sensitive information that people may not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting, such as personal finance or health.  

They are also conducted in a retail environments to explore purchasing decision making and brand communication.

Typing on a Computer

Online Communities

An online community is an forum that participants log into to answer questions and carry out daily tasks. Moderators will interact with participants as they work through questions online.

Participants can engage at times that are convenient for them and upload images, videos, or other files to support their thoughts.

Organic Groceries Shopping

Consumer Intercepts

Intercepts are short, often no more than 10 minute interviews that are conducted on the spot and require no pre-recruitment. 


They are ideal for obtaining ‘in the moment’ responses.  

Marketing team meeting


Workshops are moderated by  multiple moderators to generate ideas and condense thinking.  


They are normally day-long sessions and often involve a combination of consumers and client teams.



Ethnography allows you to enter peoples' worlds and explore conscious and unconscious behaviour and how they use and interact with a product.

For example, this could be how they hold, store, or use a particular item or behave in a particular setting.  This can be pre-arranged with individuals or friendship pairs/ groups or undertaken covertly.

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